Whole House Battery Backup With Lumin Smart Panel

ReVision Energy has installed just over 10,000 solar arrays in New England, the vast majority of them grid-tied, and very few of them with battery backup – until recently. As we live in a region prone to power outages, the desire for emergency home backup power is huge, but the cost/convenience point for battery storage wasn’t there in the past. In recent years, this has changed dramatically – battery options like Tesla Powerwall are readily available and competitively priced. Meanwhile, utilities are seeing the value in solar + storage and programs (such as Massachusetts’ S.M.A.R.T.) and are able to capture and monetize the value that combined solar and storage brings to the grid.

Still, we would often get stuck on a basic question: how much of my house can I back up in a power outage?

This used to be an awkward conversation, as we try to explain to a homeowner why they need to make big decisions about which loads they want to backup in a power outage or make the investment in a larger battery system so they can back up their entire home. Now, thanks to lumin, the answer to that question is simple: every battery system we install offers whole-house backup.

Why we love lumin

Lumin overcomes the disadvantages of either installing a critical loads panel (tough decisions to make and a lot of electrical work) or whole home back-up (sets up a situation where the battery system can be quickly discharged or overloaded by heavy loads).

With lumin, the system is programmed to automatically deactivate large electric loads in event of a utility power failure – maximizing performance of the battery and allowing us to design a smaller energy storage system. Better yet, lumin’s technology gives the homeowner the flexibility to control the heavy loads as the available energy from the system changes (e.g. turn the electric water heater on when the sun is out and the batteries are charged).

Best of all: this is all controlled via an intuitive, friendly app. The app not only offers this core feature of power management in an outage, but also allows the homeowner to enjoy detailed whole home energy use monitoring with some individual circuit level resolution.

Solar + storage systems are more affordable than ever. As more customers seek out battery storage, lumin will be a key part of our toolkit and allow them to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a smart protected home without compromising convenience. lumin allows our customers to invest in technology that benefits their home and the local grid.

By Guest Bloggers and lumin Certified Installer Partners:

Fred Greenhalgh, Director of Creative Services at ReVision Energy in collaboration with Geoff Sparrow, Director of Engineering, and Hans Albee, Engineer

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