Welcome! If you’ve recently had a Lumin® Energy Management Platform installed in your home or if you’re looking for information about our system to ready for a future installation, you’ve come to the right place.

Thinking about lumin?

Who is Lumin? >

Lumin is a Charlottesville, Virginia based company that was founded in 2016. We make the patented, UL certified Lumin® Energy Management Platform which brings intelligent control to any electrical distribution panel, making ordinary circuits smart. Lumin’s hardware/software system enables responsive load management that can adjust automatically to storage status, electricity pricing, and much more.

What is a Lumin Smart Panel? >

The Lumin Smart Panel attaches to any electrical panel and makes ordinary circuits smart. The Lumin Energy Management Platform is controlled by homeowners with an app that allows full control of the lumin circuits in addition to providing in-depth, actionable data about your home energy consumption. When paired with solar and energy storage, lumin optimizes the entire system by keeping watch over backup power and ensuring you have power when you need it in grid outages.

Where can I purchase a lumin Smart Panel? >

Lumin is sold by solar energy installers all over the United States and the Caribbean. If you can’t find an installer in your area who carries lumin, please email for assistance.

How is it installed? >

A Lumin Smart Panel can only be installed by a certified electrician. It attaches below, beside or above an existing circuit breaker panel and is hard wired to individual circuits.

Is there a Lumin app? >

Yes! Download the “Lumin Smart” app for Android and IOS from the app store on your phone.

Why Lumin?

Safety. Enjoy peace of mind while protecting your system.

  • No more worries about leaving on the range or having an open garage door.
  • When paired with energy storage, Lumin helps homeowners keep consumption below the max discharge limits of the battery through automated load control.

Savings. Eliminate energy waste and save money.

  • Easily automate your home’s energy use by setting up schedules and modes from the app.
  • Lumin can deliver substantial energy savings and make it easy to manage complex utility tariffs such as time-of-use rates and demand charges.

Insights. Understand your energy use and take action.

  • Gain greater energy independence, and make intelligent decisions based on your own, in-house energy insights that don’t depend on utility meter data.

Resiliency. Access power when you need it.

  • Day – to – day, use more of your own solar generation by syncing household consumption with on-site generation.
  • In blackouts, Lumin strengthens system resilience in “off grid mode” by prioritizing your critical circuits, conserving power, and extending battery operation through automatic load shedding.
  • Lumin paired with energy storage can deliver a return on investment on day one.